1. Adaptations - learn about a wide variety of adaptations
  2. Interactive Sites, Adaptations - lots of sites to choose from!
  3. Eeko Creature - create your own animal
  4. Adaptations for Protection/Defense - video with lesson plan
  5. Animals Adaptations
  6. Masters of Disguise - video about animal camoflouge
  7. Habitats Game - includes images and narration
  8. Blueprint for a Beast - build a better animal
  9. Animal Adaptations Game
  10. Animal Adaptations, Grades 3-5
  11. Investigate and Report on Animal Adaptations
  12. Adaptations - Lesson Plans
  13. Living Things - Adaptations (video)
  14. Living and Non-Living Things (video)
  15. California Fish - Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach

Mathew's Antarctica Collage

Mathew's Antarctica Collage

Animals - Vertebrates



Animal Cams






  1. Canada Science and Technology Museum: Structures

  2. PBS Building Big

    Get the spin on spans. The Bridge Challenge: The city of Craggy Rock needs your help to build four new bridges. 

  3. Bridge Designer

    Actually this program allows you design trusses. Trusses are composed of straight members connected at their ends by hinged connections to form a stable configuration.

  4. The Bridge Site

    The bridge site - a free site for all bridge engineering interests.

  5. Bridge Basics

    Great diagrams to show the basics!

  6. Bridge Disasters

    Pictures and descriptions of a few collapsed bridges, focusing on the Tacoma Narrows disaster. 

Chaparral Biome

Desert Biome


Earth Science

Earth's Forces


  1. ElectroCity - an online game where students can play and learn about electricity
  2. Squishy Circuits - students can create circuits and explore electronics
  3. Hydro to Home - learn about hydroelectric power all the way from raindrops to homes
  4. Engineering Interact - learn about light, sound, electricity, motion, and space travel
  5. The Blobz Guide to Electricity - interactive animations to learn about electricity
  6. The Great Energy Challenge - learn about energy use from National Geographic

Endangered Species



Experiments / Acitivities

Force & Motion

Forest Biomes



  1. SchoolTimeGames
  2. Kinetic City - an amazing collection of games, experiments, and challenges
  3. 24/7 Science - a variety of science games
  4. Order Me Around

  5. Science Games by Surfing the Net with Kids

  6. Interactive Scavenger Hunts - look for some on animals

  7. Zondle - a large variety of games

Going Green

  1. Turf Mutt - Discovery Education Green Ideas
  2. My Garbology - sort garbage in a fun and educational way
  3. EcoKids
  4. Eeko World - learn about conservation and the environment

Grassland Biome


  1. Habitats - beautiful website from the BBC, fantastic amount of information
  2. Draw That Habitat - create habitats for fictional animals
  3. Where the Weird Things Are
  4. Habitat Match Game

  5. Habitats

  6. Habitats and Landforms Links by KSU

  7. BBC Habitats

  8. BBC Habitats Quiz

Homework Help

How Stuff works

  1. How Stuff Works - great videos explaining how things work

Human Body





Life Science

way cool science.gif

Let's Learn About Science!


Mojave Maxine Hibernation Contest

Mojave Maxine, the desert tortoise at The Living Desert, finally retired for the winter to her underground burrow. She will stay there in a state of brumation (reptilian hibernation) for the winter emerging as the warm days of desert spring and the promise of fresh flowers tempt her back to the surface. 

Your mission, if you're a student in southern California, is to guess the date and time that she emerges.


Mojave Maxine has emerged from her burrow! She emerged on February 25th at 11:33 A.M.

Mojave Maxine - Desert Tortoise

The Living Desert Museum in Palm Springs has created a unique contest. Each student can enter a guess when Mojave Maxine, a desert tortoise, will emerge from hibernation.

  1. Mojave Maxine Contest
  2. Mojave Maxine - Contest Entry Form
  • Vintage Hills Elementary
  •  42240 Camino Romo
  •  Temecula, CA 92592
  1. Desert Tortoise Information
  2. Desert Tortoise Facts
  3. The Desert Tortoise
  4. Desert Tortoise - Video




  1. Nature Works Everywhere - learn about the science behind how nature works

Oceans and Seas


Physical Science


Rocks & Minerals

Science Links - Misc.

SRP Map.jpg
Santa Rosa Plateau Field Trip Slideshow: Dale’s trip from Temecula, California, United States to Murrieta was created by TripAdvisor. See another Murrieta slideshow. Create your own stunning slideshow with our free photo slideshow maker.

Ranger Rob Sharing Animals

Santa Rosa Plateau

INside the Visitor Center

Santa Rosa Plateau Vocabulary - Animoto

Santa Rosa Plateau Vocabulary


Simple Machines

Songs for Science




Videos for Science, Health, & Technology

  1. Khan Academy - searchable video
  2. WatchKnowLearn
  3. Harcourt Science - Free Videos
  4. Free BrainPop Movies brought to you by Glencoe McGraw Hill
  5. BBC - Schools Science Clips
  6. NASA Kids Science Network
  7. Discovery Channel Free Videos 
  8. Biology video clips
  9. Free FLASH Presentations for K12 science
  10. NeoK12
  11. The American Field Guide - a Collection of 1400+ free videos for science
  12. Teacher's Domain - a collection of hundreds of the best videos for K-12 science classrooms
  13. ARKive Educational
  14. Newton's Apple - 300 streaming videos 
  15. How Stuff Works - Over 6000 science video clips
  16. Hundreds of Physics Demonstrations Videos (organized A-Z) 
  17. Nova Online
  18. The British Council - Taking Science Media, from museums and colleges
  19. National Geographic Videos for Kids
  20. FOSS Teacher Prep Videos
  21. American Museum of Natural History - free videos
  22. Sqooltools - Free Science Videos
  23. Energy Movie Room - Several movies including Forms of Energy, Sun Power, Wind Power, A is for Atom, Global Warming, Nuclear Power
  24. Gamequarium (hundreds of videos collected for K-12, science)
  25. Science Kids Videos
  26. The Research Channel
  27. The Encyclomedia
  28. Video Clips for Biology for the classroom
  29. High School Biology Video Clips
  30. 50 Free Videos, Life Sciences, Secrets of the Sequence  (each comes with a free lesson plan) 
  31. Intro to Biology Video Clips used in the classroom
  32. The Periodic Table of Videos - one for each element, flash
  33. Interactive Health Tutorials  
  34. Videos: Public Health (National Library of Medicine)
  35. Medical Animations (free movies) 
  36. ExploTV
  37. The Human Body
  38. Animals
  39. Space
  40. Weather
  41. Archaeology
  42. States of Matter - Solids, Liquids, Gases
  43. States of Matter



Wetlands and Waterways